welcome to the Richard Perry Foundation. The Richard Perry Foundation has been set up by Inventor and Entrepreneur Richard Perry. This website is/was being rebuilt. Come back soon. Under the umbrella of the Richard Perry Foundation I am currently planning the following projects: 1). PBSK™ Pro Bono Soup Kitchen™ ( www.pbsk.kitchen ) 2). Probono.ICU™ ( www.probono.icu ) 3). AlltheKids.org™ and the Kids-Foundation™ ( www.allthekids.org ) 4). Pod Homes Project™ ( www.podhomesproject.org ) 5). United Food Banks™ ( www.unitedfoodbanks.com ) 6). Innovation Fund for Inventors and those struggling to raise finance for business start-ups with innovative products. 7). Legal Fund to provide free legal aid for Innovation and other cases where the disadvantaged can find legal help. 8). Conservation Environment Fund (WORLDCEF™) to provide funding for conservation and projects that promote a healthy planet. ( www.worldcef.site ). 9). Benevolence Fund for those in absolute poverty. Limited and means tested fund. 10). DriveOn™ Pro Bono Driving School and driver training academy. (www.driveon.school). February 2022: Delay in the progress of the Richard Perry Foundation: I’m Richard Perry. My Foundation has currently been delayed and almost completely ruined by United Kingdom Government corruption and organized crime. I have been defrauded of over $2bn in assets by US and UK firms that have stolen and defrauded all of my patents - approx.120+ and over 100 industrial designs, market leading products that have sold in millions of units around the world, and what were established brands. The United Kingdom has deliberately allowed, and aided and abetted worldwide firms and the individuals running them to steal and defraud my vast portfolio of intellectual property rights, and lifetime’s work; making themselves hundreds of millions of dollars in profits by flooding the global marketplace with counterfeit and patent defrauded products, whilst not paying me a single cent. This has had almost fatal consequences upon me and it is very severe Human Rights abuse. The United Kingdom whilst knowingly condoning and inflicting severe human rights abuses and mental torture upon me, refuse to do anything at all about this situation, despite myself having paid the United Kingdom for my IP rights in good faith. This is because they’re enjoying the profits being made from crime to fund the treasury of a bankrupt and failing Country. The Authorities conceal and support Serious Crime that undermines the economy and makes a complete mockery of anyone investing their lives, time, money, love and passion into the United Kingdom. Despite this situation that has now been going on for almost ten years, I have been trying to continue to set up my Foundation. This is because firstly: if I ever receive any compensation that is anywhere near the value of what I have lost and that i’m rightfully entitled to, I believe that my gifts and talents have been given to me to benefit the wider world and universe. Therefore I see it as part of the responsibilty of being in that position to create these projects to help those that have no hope in hell of being able to help themselves, and to turn people’s lives around. Secondly: because I refuse to bow down or conceed to corruption and organised crime and i’m not going to be destroyed by the little shits running the United Kingdom. Legal Demands have been sent to both the Defendant firms and the United Kingdom to compensate me and put this situation right, but of course they just ignore one little individual and carry on their corruption and crime. I will continue to fight this cause so that many others can benefit and have their rights protected. Hopefully i’ll be able to put my projects into effect. I would like the international community to come forward and help me issue a claim against the United Kingdom in the International Criminal Courts for mental torture and persecution and crimes against humanity. We need to apply for UN Sanctions to prevent the United Kingdom from trading in a harmonious society where these people wreck their misery and unhappiness upon everyone.
All website content is Copyright of Richard Perry 2021 and is not to be reproduced without written consent. The logoman character is a trademark and copyright of Richard Perry as well as the Foundation ‘mini people characters’.
The PBSK™ will be a soup kitchen - not as a fixed venue but focusing on mobile field kitchens or running in conjunction with existing charitable food providing entities.
AlltheKids™ charity is to provide resources and means to help children escape child poverty and abuse and to help them lead positive fulfilling lives.
Probono Icu™ will provide probono dental treatment working in conjunction with existing dental clinics that can be expanded to provide a practice time for those in absolute poverty that require dental care.
The Pod Homes Project™ is a plan to house homeless and destitute people in new innovations in Pod Homes. The project may work in conjunction with the Big Ag Food Project™.
United Food Banks™ will run in conjunction with the Big Ag Food Project™ and will provide food harvested from the project.
The mailing address for the Richard Perry Foundation in North America is: Richard Perry Foundation, 11388 Steveston Highway, PO Box 96088, Ironwood PO, Richmond, British Columbia. V7A 5J5. Canada
Movie : ‘Client No. 1’ : I wanted to test myself to see if I could actually carry out charity work at my own expense and when there was nothing at all in it for me. Really, actually nothing. This is the hard part of it. Anyone can give away money and do amazing acts of kindness when they have unlimited funding, but when you’re on the deck and impoverished yourself, it is a wildly different situation: a spiritual challenge. I wanted to see if I could do what I say i’m going to do and put my money where my mouth is. As it happened a situation presented itself in 2021 and it put me at a crossroads. I could either carry on with my own private life and ignore the situation or I could intervene and do something about it, but intervention would cost me all of my savings and all of the profits from my business from every job I did for the entire year. My choice and the outcome will be shown in the movie. The synopsis is that I found a retirement aged semi-elderly man who was at that point between life and death. He was living in a tiny heap of junk worn out old car and almost dying on the side of a road, literally. The very knowing and awareness of these circumstances and that the situation was happening right under my nose meant that I couldn’t ignore it - I just had to do something about it because I thought the situation was inhumane, and it was haunting me. Because my goal with my Foundation is to help those types of people and help them to turn their lives around, the opportunity to test myself was perfect. The chance to do totally pro bono work to turn someone else’s life around. This happened particularly at a time when I was impoverished myself. The man became the first client of my Foundation. The Lord works in mysterious ways! When we have finished filming, the link to the movie will be found below: ______XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX____
This website is currently being rebuilt and the full and renewed version should be available sometime in 2022.
My Allegations of UK Black Market in IP Rights: A black-market in intellectual property rights is being run in the United Kingdom by several individuals, one or two of whom are possibly connected to the Royal Household and one or two individuals running/controlling the Patent Office and Judiciary. They are all in cohorts with one another running their highly unlawful and criminal operation. These few individuals are cheating and stealing IP rights from the general public even before they have ever been published or granted. This means that as soon as anyone files anything at the Patent Office, these individuals are looking at what has been filed and deciding if they will steal it or defraud it before the patentee even has a chance to embark upon, and/or make the most of any enterprise or creativity from their anticipated IP rights. This is a crime ring and it is highly illegal and criminal and is a breach of international economic treaties. The UK Police Force refuse to take any Police reports or investigate it at all. It’s called Treason. These people are real wretched little shit bags. Destroying life. This situation and that with my patents etc. will be prosecuted in the International Criminal Courts in 2022 if there isn’t any immediate resolution forthcoming.
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News Story Published in the Richmond News, Vancouver, Nov. 26, 2020.